Client Reference Letters

Dear Shayne:

We are writing to thank you for all the help you have given us in the past seven months.

We have and will continue to recommend you to our friends and business associates. Feel free to show this letter to prospective clients so they can get an unbiased idea of the type of high-quality, detailed service that you offer your clients.

We were referred to you by one of your many satisfied customers. He knew I was a demanding person because I have a degree in business and a stock-broker's license, insurance representative's license and do some financial planning.

I have no tolerance for mediocre "professionals." He felt you would meet my needs and work well with my wife. My wife and I met with you and I threw many hard questions at you. You answered all my questions in a detailed but very pleasant, personable and professional way. You also offered much important information about real estate sales at our initial meeting - prior to our hiring you to sell our home. Your generosity with knowledge and professionalism made us certain you were the best person to represent us in our real estate transactions.

You became our real estate agent, a good friend and a support system - a source of information and an experienced guide through a very complicated "forest" of real estate rules, paperwork and procedures.

You laid out in a very thorough way the marketing strategy we should use and a prioritized list of things we needed to do to sell our home. This was extremely helpful.

You kept in contact with us weekly (and more often when needed) to keep us updated on the latest market trends, check on our number of showings, answer questions and lend moral support.

We listed our home during the slowest time of the year (historically) for selling real estate. Your experience and hard work and our following your advice reaped an excellent reward. We were able to sell our home and find the perfect new home in record time!

We were so impressed with your negotiation skills and your honesty. Because of your extensive use of checklists and knowledge of current real estate law, we never lost sleep over either our sale or purchase transactions.

You stayed aware of our financial needs and concerns and never coerced us into any areas we were uncomfortable with. We never expected to get as much home in as good an area at such a great price - for that we sincerely thank you and your wonderful assistant.


D & N Koontz
Santa Rosa


Thanks so much for all your efforts on our behalf on our recent real estate transactions. When we put my house on the market at the end of May I never believed that I would be gone less than two months later and be in a brand new home shortly after that.

When someone needs to sell their home . . . you can be sure I'll tell them to call you. While others are holding their 10th open house and trying to keep their house looking perfect for possible buyers, I'm out of mine and into a new one . . .

I feel confident that your suggestions -- especially regarding pricing and staging -- had a great deal to do with the quick sale of my home. I truly enjoyed working with you. You have the ability to figure out your client's needs in an amazingly short amount of time. I like to know what's going on at each stage of the transaction but yet not be bothered with countless conversations. You made very effective use of voice mail and fax to keep me informed. You were always available to answer questions promptly and if you didn't have the answer, you took the time and effort to find it.

My past real estate experiences have been harrowing and although I certainly wouldn't want to do this every day, I must say that because of your efforts I had very little anxiety. . .

I hope this note adequately expresses my appreciation for your help.


M. Conley


We have been involved in the purchase and sale of several real properties in California and recommend Mr. Bowen without reservation.

His attention to detail, the quality of his advice, his constant monitoring and feedback of progress combined with an impressive knowledge of the legalities and nuances of real estate transactions are unmatched in our experience.

His loyalty to his clients, his constant exercise of due diligence, and his ability to use tact with force will, we believe, be of great benefit to you . . .

Nothing seems to "fall through the cracks" with Shayne.


D. & M. Farnworth

Dear Shayne,

Just a few lines to thank you for the great job you did for me in the sale of my home. Your attention to detail every step of the way, from staging the property to closing the sale, ensured that the entire process went smoothly and without problems.

I appreciate the fact  that you explained everything so thoroughly along the way, and patiently answered all of my questions clearly and concisely. As you well know, I was fairly ignorant about real estate matters when we stated - now I feel like I've gained a whole new education!

I was impressed form the beginning by your professionalism and organization, but I am particularly grateful for the personal attention you gave me during the course of our business.

I feel that I not only had the best agent possible working on my behalf, but that I also had a friend in my corner.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your willingness to help out, even in areas somewhat beyond the strict dictates of your responsibilities. I have truly enjoyed working with you, Shayne, and if I should ever again . . . have need of a real estate agent, I hope you are still in the area.

In the meantime, I am enthusiastically recommending you to everyone within earshot! Thank you again for all you help, and best wishes for a happy and successful future.


S. Reid

Dear Shayne:

I wanted to express my satisfaction with your service in the listing and sale of my . . . home.

Your attitude was quite service oriented.

You sold my home expeditiously. You promptly returned all my phone calls. You negotiated thoroughly and strongly on my behalf. Your approach to details was professional and brisk.

I felt you used your years of experience in the business to my benefit, trying to avoid common and uncommon pitfalls.

I confidently recommend your services to anyone else. . .


M. Harris


I strongly recommend Shayne Bowen as your Realtor.

I had had a property on the market for six months with literally no action. Then Shayne became my Realtor and within [a short period of time] I had received many inquiries and three viable offers.

Shayne did everything he promised to do and more. He kept in constant communication and handled many details that were not his responsibility, but that I could not because I live in San Jose.

His totally upbeat attitude -- that no problem is unsolvable -- convinced me that if I ever again have need of a Realtor . . . it will definitely be Shayne.

R. Spangler


I found the real estate marketing services of Shayne Bowen to be of quality.

Mr. Bowen marketed and sold my home . . . within the time frame he originally projected, and negotiated a price that was quite near my asking price.

Mr. Bowen was able to successfully negotiate on my behalf, and keep the transaction together at one particularly challenging time of the escrow period.

Mr. Bowen advertised my home frequently, and provided weekly updates on the status of the marketing.

Because of these reasons, I would recommend Mr. Bowen's services for someone wishing to have their home professionally marketed.


J. Strode

Hi Shayne,
Thanks for everything and for your expertise in guiding us through what turned out to be non-typical closing.  I believe it was your experience, attention to detail, and contractual knowledge that kept our closing date from slipping . . . In the end we did close, and a nice couple is now living in their first home. It'll probably be a couple of years before we sell another home, and . . . I'll be giving you a call first.
D & L Phelps

Very Recent Client Letters

“Thank you for your great knowledge in the real estate area.  I have never worked with someone who takes the time to answer questions that we haven't even had time to think about yet.  This does make the process less stressful and we appreciate all the time you spend with us!

“Thank you so much for pulling this transaction off!  I know this was a challenge for you and we both really appreciate your efforts.”

 “Thank you, THANK YOU!! Thank you for being the most terrific Realtor - I know how valuable your perseverance has been to get this last one off the dime, and the first one would have fallen apart without your expertise in handling it just right!! What a time we have been through these last months!! Thanks for everything - it has really been great work with you!!”

 "You made me feel extremely comfortable with the transaction, by being totally on top of all of the details. It was especially comforting to me to know that you watched the legal details so carefully. I have already referred you to a close friend who needs to sell her home. I have recommended you to her with glowing comments. You have gone the extra mile in so many areas, and we have so much appreciated your constant communication with us. We recommend your services very highly. Thank you!"

“Thank you for your caring concern during the real estate transaction. I would like to thank you for the details that you attended to and assisted me with, since they could be easy for some clients to overlook. I appreciated the support from you and your team. What a team! I appreciated the support from you and your team. What a team! Yes, I will recommend you to my old neighbors!”