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7 Reasons To Choose Shayne Bowen As Your Realtor

Here are some things that make my services different compared to other real estate firms. . .

1. I provide a very unusual guarantee:

bulletYou may cancel your listing agreement - at ANY time and for any reason (until the property is sold).
bulletThis guarantee gives you the flexibility and peace of mind that other sellers just don't have, in case of a change of plans, a change in the market, a change in your job situation, or a change in your goals.
bulletThis means you won't be stuck for months - as other sellers too often are - with an agent who doesn't live up to your expectations!!!

2. I specialize in your neighborhood:

bulletBecause I specialize in your neighborhood, I know how to do three crucial things:
bulletPrice the home properly
bulletGet it sold promptly
bulletGet the highest possible price
bulletBecause I specialize in your neighborhood, I am known by other agents as an expert in the area.
bulletThis added credibility with other agents increases the odds of a successful sale of your property.

3. I am a "no pressure" Realtor:

bulletI am not a typical salesperson. 
bulletI view my role as that of a consultant, not a sales person.
bulletMy job is to present the pros and cons of any action, and then let you make an informed decision on what's best for you.
bulletThis means that you'll be making good decisions, not fighting off an overly aggressive sales person!

4. I provide smoother, more error-free transactions:

bulletThe reason: I use extensive service checklists covering every aspect of the transaction, to minimize the chances of any problems during the transaction.

5. I am accessible, and highly responsive:

bulletI don't turn you over to an assistant, never to be heard from again.
bulletI return my calls, and promptly.
bulletI handle problems personally.

6. I provide convenience that other Realtors don't:

bulletI offer a "team" of technicians that perform fix up, cleaning, and "staging" services.
bulletI will arrange appointments for estimates.
bulletI will provide access to the property.
bulletI will help you choose which fix up items to do and not do.
bulletI will coordinate and monitor any work being done on the property.

7. I provide experience:

bulletI have over 20 years of experience.
bulletI have completed a large number of real estate transactions.
bulletFor you this means:
bulletI have seen virtually every problem that can occur, so I can proactively help to avoid problems.
bulletIf an escrow problem does occur, I have the experience to handle it quickly, surely, and successfully.